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Design Effective Test Case in 5 Days

design effective test case

The course is scheduled to start on February 20th, 2017. Enroll now!

Test case design is one of the critical activities in software testing. To some extent, it can make or break your testing. However, most of new testers (okay…some senior testers too) are still struggling with it:

  1. They don’t know how to design an effective test case
  2. They get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

In an effort to help you resolve those two problems, I design this free email course “Design Effective Test Case in 5 Days” and provide it for free.

Why email course?

I know when you hear “online course”, you think about videos course. Making videos is a great idea, but here’s reason why I choose email format:

Well, I’m not comfortable to speak and record myself in front of camera :-). I’m more comfortable to write.

However, here is the bright side: Since I will be teaching you via emails, I’ll try to make it as clear as possible for you to learn.

Who’s this course for?

Well, this course is actually for everyone who wants to learn about writing test cases. However, this course is recommended for new testers who are not familiar with test case design or don’t know where to start. This course is more for testers who are working in traditional environment where their testings based on requirements.

How it works?

It’s simple. I will send you 5 lessons (5 emails) right in your inbox in 5 days.

Here are the details:

  • Lesson#1: Test case design: Introduction and Concept
  • Lesson#2: Collect Test Artifacts
  • Lesson#3: Collect Test Requirements
  • Lesson#4: Write your first test cases with examples
  • Lesson#5: Good practices and FAQs

What you’ll get after this free email course?

  • Know how to design effective test cases based on documents
  • Understand good practices in test case design
  • Get access to test requirement, test case templates
  • Send my email to ask any questions during your learning journey

Don’t take my words, here’s feedback from students in this course:

It’s great to join in a testing course. Spending only 30 minutes per day to become a better tester is very convenient for all of us, though you are a newbie, a junior or already a senior, there’s always things you can learn.

Besides, language used in the learning course is clear, easy to understand, a little bit of humour put on it, therefore it’s enjoyable.

During 5 lessons, he provides you with template test case, his answer for the homework in a quite detailed way.In the end of the course, there’s QnA helping you recap all knowledges and correct some misceptions which you may have, ex: you should answer “how many good test cases you have?” instead of asking “How many test cases are enough?”.

Author also provides his viewpoint on some fields based on his 10 years of experiences, and you can discuss with him about that if you feel something unclear. I appreciate it very much. I hope Thanh will have more time to write more things. Maybe about his management skills, or how to make money from testing in the Internet websites…You can ask him about that and hope someday you will receive what you want. – Nam Vu


I found your course was very precise and near to the point so it was very great. Also while going through the course I never feel that we are reading this, it was like you are in front of us and hearing you. So I will wait for your future courses. Thank you again… 🙂 – Sonali Sawant

The course is scheduled to start on February 20th, 2017. Enroll now!


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