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Top 7 Software Testing Forums that You Don’t Want to Miss Out

7 software testing forums

People say “forum is dead”…and it’s understandable

With the social media boom such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, I’m not surprised to see that forums are not received as much attention as before.

Just call me old-fashioned, but I find forum is still an interesting channel to discuss and get to know each other.

In this post today, I would like to share with you some good software testing forums (yes, still alive) that’s worth your time to visit and join.

#1: uTest Forum


If you don’t know me, I’m a huge fan of uTest, especially uTest forum. What makes I love uTest forum so much is its design. The platform is very user-friendly, easy to use, clean and straight forward.

All you have to do is to create a free account and you are then ready to start posting your questions or answering questions where you find fit.

Go ahead and check it out!

Official website:

#2: TESTHuddle Forum


If you are in Europe, this forum is a right place for you to share testing knowledge and networking.

Here is what they define themselves:

TEST (The EuroSTAR Software Testing) Huddle is a new online platform for software testers to meet with peers, access thought-leading content and to share and discuss their views on any aspect of software testing.

Even though TestHuddle forum doesn’t seem like the most crowded forum in software testing industry, their community are serious testers. So make sure you check out their guideline page before starting asking questions.

TESTHuddle also often shares free Webinars, eBooks and events there too.

What are you waiting for? Check it out

Official website:

#3: QualityTesting Forum


QualityTesting Forum was built in 2008 and considered one of the most reputable in software testing. You actually can find almost everything in software testing asked and discussed here.

If you are a fan of instant messaging, the forum also has a cool chat feature where you can chat with friend right there.

Official website:

#4: SoftwareTestingClub Forum


SoftwareTestingClub forum is run by Rosie Sherry, who is also the founder of

Here is what they say:

The Software Testing Club is a global and professional community for software testers. We like to do great things for our community and we hope you can get involved.

Even though the design is not so user-friendly and a bit out-dated, there are a good number of testers gathering there and discussing hot topics in software testing.

Official website:

#5: LinkedIn Group


Well, some of you may not agree with me that LinkedIn Group is “forum”, but as per my definition of forum “forum is a place/platform where you can speak up, ask and answer questions”. With that in mind, I find LinkedIn groups are perfect forums. To some extent, they are the best forums to join.


If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, LinkedIn network is the number one network of professionals. What makes LinkedIn different from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter is that it’s dedicated for serious professionals only.

There are many groups in software testing in LinkedIn, but my favorite group is Software Testing and Quality Assurance group. The group is full of software testing experts who are willing to help and share their experience.

If you don’t have LinkedIn account yet, go ahead and create one. It’s free.

(I’m on LinkedIn too, let’s connect!)

Official website: Software Testing and Quality Assurance

#6: SQA StackExchange

SQA StackExchange

StackExchange is a network of 150+ Q&A sites in which many sub-sites are built for specific niches such as developers (, IT experts (, and software testers

Even though I’m not active there, I still find many people hanging out there and start asking and answering questions. If you are familiar with StackOverflow style, you would find no problem to get familiar with SQA StackExchange.

Official website:

#7: Quora

Quora software testing

Quora is now considered as the #1 Q&A site in the world. You can actually find almost everything asked and answered there and the quality of answers is much higher than Yahoo! Answer (sorry Yahoo! :-))

I know many people don’t recommend Quora for software testing, but from my experience, Quora is a good place for you to ask and find the answers.

What’s great about Quora is that if you answer a question and your answer is too short, your answer may not be shown up because the system *thinks* your answer is not informative enough. In other words, Quora really puts more focus on quality of the answers.

Official website:


There you have it – my top 7 software testing forums where testers often hang out. If you are new to software testing and you may feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry, you don’t have to join all these forums. What you should do is just go one round of these forums and pick up one or two platform interests you the most and stick with it. Believe me, if you stick with it long and consistent enough, you will find how joining forum can help you become a better tester….and no, forum is not dead (yet).

What’s next?

1. Pick up one or two forums that interest you and start joining!

2. Share this list to your friends to help them out too.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. March 30, 2016 at 6:16 pm
    This information is great.It is useful for all in future.I like to read the information.It is very impressing matter.
  2. Thanh Huynh
    March 30, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Thank you. Glad you like it :-)
  3. gauravkhurana
    April 16, 2016 at 10:14 pm
    This comment is edited.
    thanks thanh.. i completely agree with you for the linkedin part. i consider linkedin to be a great forum as many people are there and share practical experiences and thats one of the best group that you have shared.
  4. Thanh Huynh
    April 19, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    I complete agree with you about LinkedIn too. That's one of the best sources to discuss and do the networking

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