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AskTester is not just another forum. AskTester is a community of professional testers where we can freely ask questions about testing, speak up your opinions, show your interests and sharing stuffs. Not like forum, AskTester will make sure your voice is listened.


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Why I build AskTester?

I've been in software testing for several years and there's one question keep haunting my mind:

What makes a great tester?

Yes, it's year of experience, our technical skills, our personality will do but there's one skill make a big different to me. It is the ability of asking (good) questions

However, people is reluctant to ask because
1) We're worried to be looked stupid.
2) We tend to assume things what we already knew

Throughout my years of experience, I found that the one who asks the most is the one who learns the most. That's why we see kids ask a lot of questions and they learn new things superfast... And I believe that testers should do exactly the same.

AskTester is built in an effort to encourage and support us testers to ask as many questions as possible.

About me

THANH HUYNH - Owner/Tester

Thanh Huynh

I'm owner of AskTester and also a tester. I care about how to do better testing and how to help other testers do better testing too. That's why I build this site.

I have several years of experience in testing, managing and leading testing projects. I look for customer's satisfaction, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in testing work.

Beside of 9-5 job, I'm also interested in other testing related activities such as technical review, blogging, conference speaking and Tester community building.
If you don't know me, I'm kind of introvert, quiet and family-oriented.

When I'm not doing testing, I spend time on reading blogs, books, playing with my little boy, drinking coffee and listen melodic metal...well, sometimes at the same time.

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