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11 Tips to prepare and pass ISTQB Foundation Level certification Exam (CTFL) with ease

If you are in software testing, you probably heard about ISTQB certification. Setting aside controversial topics like "Certified or not Certified", ISTQB certification is definitely one of the most sought certifications in software testing. Is it difficult to pass the ISTQB foundation level exam? According to ISTQB organization, the global pass-rate of ...

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Difference between severity and priority in defect report – finally revealed

When talking about defects (or also called "bugs"), tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You found a bug that crashes the system. You immediately submitted to the bug tracking system. You are waiting for emails or comments to thank you for finding this awesome problem and the problem will get fixed immediately. You wait...wait...and wait...and ...

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A Day in the Life of a Software Tester

Note: This is guest post written by Thomas Peham-marketing manager at Usersnap Your software is acting weird. It’s crashing and the front end isn’t working as expected. Well, I guess it’s time to bring a software tester on board. Software testers are responsible for finding and reporting bugs to ...

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