I have 3 years of experience with Manual testing (exploratory,performance,field,FAT,SAT/UAT) in three different industries i.e banking, transit and service industry.

I am currently applying for Quality Tester jobs here in the US. I wanted to know how important is getting CTFL certification done as an individual.

And what should be my approach for the exam.


Thanks in Advance


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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your question.
    It looks like you’ve been in software testing for a few years and now you’re looking for testing job in US.
    I don’t live in US so I don’t know the trend or competitiveness there. I’d suggest you figure out yourself. One of the tips is to look at the Job Ads and read the Job description for the position you are aiming to apply for. Take note what particular certification, skills, knowledge recruiters are looking for.

    Regarding CTFL certification, I don’t see any harm if you earn one. What approach for exam entirely depends on what approach works for you. I write posts about that, you may want to take a look:


    Wish you luck and let me know when you get certified 😀


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