Do you often provide solution to fix the problem when you report a bug? Why or Why not?

Let's assume you have technical knowledge enough to understand the cause of the problem.

Would you provide a solution to fix the problem when you report a bug or you leave it to developers/managers hand to do the thorough analysis and fix the problem?

Would providing solution embarrassing developers?

What's your thought?


  1. AmirShahzad

    it depend on how much domain knowledge do you have for the project . and it also depend the approach of testing and problem solving approach of tester . let me share my experience .
    Whenever any bug get fixed or new feature arrive for testing i used to ask three question from dev

    1 why this issue occurs first time?
    2 what you did to fixed the issue
    3 What will be impact .

    by doing above practice now i am able to provide suggestion to the dev that if they fixed this particular issue it will solve many problem

  2. Tri Nguyen

    It’s depend on you. If you confident on it, let them know what is the problem and give them “suggestion” to fix it, If you are not, please dont. You know, some of developer dont want a tester to “teach” them how to fix it, this is very strictly thing to keep a good relationship with them.

    Instead of give them solution to fix problem, why we dont impress them by our troubleshooting skill. As much as details on the issue will help developer fix issue more quickly and realize your ability 🙂

  3. Thanh Huynh

    Thanks Amir and Tri for your suggestions.

    I think the case is the same do we as tester want developers to write test case for us or tell us how to test software.

    Of course, it depends on project. Some projects testers do not have chance to touch any line of code, it’s hard to give suggestion or solution. In case we want to help developers, my suggestion is to provide as much as exact information in the bug report as possible. By doing this, developer will know what exactly problem comes from and fix it.

  4. huydn234

    I think it depends.
    The best thing that a tester can provide to developers when finding a bug is a detailed steps and results in each steps to reproduce the bug correctly. A tester must isolate unrelated factors and find the root cause of the defects. And when you know the root cause, whether you suggest solution to fix it or not depends on your level of technical knowledge.

  5. Thanh Huynh


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Just a heads-up….I’m about to write a guide on how to write an effective bug report. Hope this helps you guys on bug reporting things.

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