How to become tester professional ?

To become a tester professional, what these thing need to do every day?


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Hugo,

    Thanks for your question. Your question is a little bit broad, it’s hard to a good answer. Anyway, let me try:

    • Keep asking question. Actually, software testing is all about asking question to discover the problem of the system under test. Questions like “what if I do this…”, “what if I do that..and then do this..”, “Is there any problem here?”, “why feature is designed that way?”, “Is it easy for user to use it?”, etc, all these questions can really help you do your job properly
    • Keep learning. Things are changing everyday, so technology is. You need to keep you updated by learning everyday consistently so that you are always in good position to adapt changes when needed. There are many resources to learn, I shared a few in one of my blog post: Check it out and find the right resource for you
    • Continuous improvement. Frequently look at your daily work, your testing process and see if you can find better way to do that. If you are repeatedly executing day after day, you can consider to automate it so that you can have more time for other good tests.
    • Help others. If there’s anyone need your help, don’t hesitate to help them and together achieve great things as a team. If there’s a new tester in your team, you can coach them and help them do better testing too.

    Those are my quick thoughts for your question. Hope it helps.


  2. hugo

    Keep learning, keep improving … thank for sharing, Thanh.

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