I accidentally found a bug on LinkedIn

I accidentally found a bug on LinkedIn.

The bug is that when I try to search in LinkedIn group with special characters, the search results are not consistent and not user-friendly. While it’s not something critical, this still surprises me..

You can see picture below:


I’ll contact LinkedIn and see if this is something they want to fix 🙂


  1. Deep Shukla

    Could you please let me know where to log a bug found in LinkedIn ?

  2. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Deep,

    You can try this link: https://security.linkedin.com/vulnerabilty-disclosure

    Goodluck to you

  3. khushbu ahuja

    can someone please tell me where to log a bug found in linkedin ?

  4. Thanh Huynh

    @khushbu ahuja

    Check out these two posts to see how you can send bug report to them. Please note that you need to take this as a contribution and that you may not get pay for bugs you found. Another idea is that if your bug is a good bug, you may need to take note and put them into your CV as your credit.


  5. Ujjawal Packers

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  6. Chirag Garg

    I would like to report a bug experienced by me on Linkedin App
    Version: 2.6.2
    Released on: Jul 13, 2017
    Mobile Device: One Plus 6T Mirror Black
    Description: While scrolling through the Applied Jobs section after 10-12 applied jobs, it shows connections number(2 in my case) and once I scroll back up the screen the same connection number is shown for initial jobs along with the same images.
    Below I have attached the Screenshots (named as per occurrence) for your reference.

    My analysis: The state in redux(if react-native) might not be updated while scrolling back up to see initial jobs or the real-time data update might not be updated.

    P.S: Happy to Help

  7. Thanh Huynh

    @ Chirag Garg Thanks for your sharing. Great found!

  8. aprajita

    Could you please let me know where to log a bug found in LinkedIn ?

  9. Muskan Agrawal

    I have found a bug on Linkedin. There is a UI issue in one place in responsive which I have checked on different mobiles, I have also shared the post on Linkedin tagging the Linkedin community. Please connect with me so that I can explain more about the issue.

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