Is there any automation testing community?

Hello all, I know that there are many testing community in general. However, I want to find communities that only focus on automation testing.  Can you please suggest some community about automation testing? Thank you very much.


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Odd,

    You may want to check out Automation testing group on LinkedIn:

    Actually, I find groups on LinkedIn much more helpful than other groups on FB because LinkedIn community is more about professionals. You can also find many other software testing related groups there.



  2. Latestnews

    Their are so many open source testing tools. Among of them you need to choose suitable tool for your application.

    1. Web Application-Selenium (Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver)

    2. Load Testing-Jmeter

    3. Desktop Application-AutoIT

    4. Security Testing-Babel Enterprise

    5. Link Checker-Web  Link Validator or Xenu

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