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Welcome to My First Post

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my site and reading my first post. Who I am and why I blog? I’m Thanh. I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-a crowded but charming city This is me :D I'm owner of AskTester and also a tester (you can read more about me here). I care ...

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5 Misperceptions in Software Testing

Software testing is more and more popular these days. I’ve seen people doing, talking and thinking software testing a lot. While I do value all differences in the perspectives, I observe 5 common misperceptions in software testing. These misperceptions bug me because they not only make software testing look cheap but also degrade it. Misperception #1: “Software tester means loser developer” I ...

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Wrong Questions Get Wrong Answers

I’ve recently watched “Seventh Son” with my colleagues. The movie was quite entertaining but what impressed me much is what Master Gregory who fights evil spirit told his apprentice “ Wrong question! Wrong questions get wrong answers ” when his apprentice asked a not so good question. This ...

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