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I am fresher just joined a company where i got a role of manual tester now i have two questions to ask one is that

Q-1 Is Manual testing dying ?

Q-2 I have got project on accessibility testing is that a good field and what is it’s scope  ?



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  1. Thanh Huynh
    June 21, 2016 at 2:13 pm

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    Thanks for your question. It's good to know that you joined a company as a tester. A lot of funs are waiting for you ahead on your journey. Anyway, go back to your question:

    1) Is manual testing dying?

    It depends on how we/you define "manual testing". If by manual testing, you mean executing test case manually and following step-by-step test cases, I think it's dying.

    The fact is that there are still companies doing that (because they see benefit of doing that) but from my perspective, not so many companies are doing that. The reason is that manual testing that way is not efficient and cost-effective. There are better ways to do that and one of them is automate your test cases and let machine do the job.

    However, "dying" is not always a bad thing. When you know this type of manual testing is dying, you have to learn a better way to do it such as automate it like I mention above. To some extent, it's just a transformation process...nothing bad at all.

    2) I have got project on accessibility testing is that a good field and what is its scope

    Accessibility testing is an interesting testing type. I personally do some accessibility testing here and there, but not so much. However, I'm afraid that accessibility testing alone does not have a wide scope. I'm not sure why exactly you want to restrict yourself to just accessibility, but you can always broaden your scope by "usability testing" if you wish or any other types of testing that you find important.

    I hope I can answer your question.

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