How did you start your career in software testing?


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Hey there,

I’ve been in software testing for almost 10 years and I found software testing interesting.

I found that different testers started their career in software testing are not the same. In other words, they have their own stories to tell how they first started their career as a software tester.

10 years ago when I first applied for a Test Engineer position, I had no idea what software testing was. Yes, I did some searches on Internet but things were still vague to me. I failed to answer most of questions from the interviewers but I surprisingly passed the interview. The only thing I believe I did well at the time was to show that I’m eager to learn more about software testing.

Fast forward to today of 2016, I’ve learned a lot of things in software testing and I’m happy with the career and the path I’ve followed.

Now it’s your turn…How did you start you career in software testing? What’s your story? What’s the fun part you want to share about your career so far?


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