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I am learning about testing (manual) but I get overwhelmed when I think about interview and the stuff that you need to remember. Plus, I kind of think that getting a job is pretty difficult. Can you guide me in this?

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  1. Thanh Huynh
    December 23, 2016 at 9:38 am

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    Hi Max,

    Sorry for late response (I often answer questions instantly :D)

    Anyway, here my answer:

    Getting overwhelmed is not something uncommon for new testers. It happens when you are new and get flooded with a lot of things to learn, ask and digest them. I was there when I first started out.

    So, dont worry, take your time.

    I shared a blog post to help new people get started in software testing. If you haven't read it, go ahead and read it:

    Regarding the interview, check out my 100+ manual testing interview questions often asked: Knowing these questions may or may not help you pass the interview, but it will give you an idea of what type of questions asked in the interview.

    Getting a job these days is getting difficult because software testing industry is mature and more and more people pursue testing career...but's not that impossible to achieve that. Take your time and learn the skills. You will soon achieve your goal.

    I wish you luck. If you have any question, just ping me.


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