What is EVT, DVT, MVT, PVT in software testing?


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If you are in software testing, especially in product-based projects or in the manufacturing industry, you may encounter these terms. I’ll try to give a real quick explanation:

EVT = Engineering Verification Testing: It’s a test performed on prototype product at Alpha phase. The goal is to verify if the products meet product specification and if there are any critical problems that blocking the product going into next phase

DVT – Design Verification Testing:

After prototyping, the product is moved to the next phase of the design cycle: Design Refinement. Engineers revise and improve the design to meet performance and design requirements and specifications. Design Verification Testing (DVT) is specific product verification tests performed to deliver objective, comprehensive testing verifying the following:

  • All products specifications
  • Interface standards
  • OEM requirements
  • Diagnostic commands

(Source: http://www.percept.com)

PVT = Product Verification Testing / MVT = Manufacturing Verification Testing

As you can guess, this test is performed at the production phase and before the product goes to mass production to sell. The goal is to make sure main features work. This should be a wide and shallow test. No deep test is needed at this phase

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