What are all require to switch from Non-Tech to manual tester

I need guidance so that i can switch from non-tech to manual tester.

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  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Wasim Akram,

    Thanks for your question. You didn’t share much information about your background, your experience, your current profession or what you mean by “non-tech”, so it’s hard to give you a good or helpful guidance. Anyway, I’ll try to be helpful:

    In order to become a manual tester, you first know what manual testing is or if it’s fit for you or what do you need to become a software tester. I shared all such information in this post: https://www.asktester.com/how-to-become-a-software-tester/.

    The post will give you some basic idea about software testing and how to get started with it. Go ahead and read it.

    Switching career is a difficult decision and frustrated too. However, switching career (in this case is to manual testing) does not necessarily mean you will discard all experiences or knowledge you had in the previous job and jump into a new job. Don’t do that. Take advantage of your previous experience and bring them with you in your new career. For example: If you have many experiences in banking, you may want to look for testing job in banking. If you have a lot of experience in using mobile devices, you may want to become a mobile tester, etc. Basically, you can become a tester in any industry or domain.

    If you start from zero and want to speed up a little bit, you may consider taking a testing certification (ex: ISTQB). This will show the employer that you are serious, you know the basic things and you are ready to get started. (Here’s the guide for ISTQB certification: https://www.asktester.com/pass-istqb-foundation-level-certification-exam/ )

    Finally, switching a career is not an overnight switch or easy. Needless to say, there are a lot of testers these days so the competitiveness is high. However, it’s not something impossible. It’s just how much you want it.

    I wish you luck and don’t hesitate to ask me if you have further question.


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