Technical eBooks

how can i get free technical eBooks to upload to my website for people to download it for free?


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Anil,

    Can you elaborate more on your question so that people can help you better?

    What problem you are facing right now?

    What have you tried to solve that problem?

  2. Tri Nguyen

    Hi Anil,

    The best way is you upload to other online drive like onedrive, google drive, dropbox and share the link to everybody.

    Uploading to your website will make your host run out of space and bandwidth.

  3. lanhuynh

    Hi all,

    Is this good when I have a document (totally free from writer) and I upload to my FTP and share to everyone? Is there any illegal when I do that?


  4. Thanh Huynh


    I don’t think it’s illegal, but I’m curious why you want to upload to your FTP account instead of just sharing from writer’s link. In my opinion, since the writer has written something useful, it would be better to share the link and credit the writer….Anyway, that’s how I often do 😉

  5. lanhuynh

    Hi aThanh,

    Share the writer’s link is the best way. However, sometimes the writer sent me an invitation, and after that, the ebook is sent directly to my email, no direct link from he/she. That’s why I want to share the document via my FTP (if I think it helpful after reading).


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