What are challenges if you are the only tester in team?

I'm about to join a team in which I'm the only tester in team with 5 developers. I'm a bit worried about the workload.

I don't know what other challenges I may face or what should I focus on to do better job as tester.

Please advise


  1. Thanh Huynh

    Hi Charlene,

    Sorry for late response.

    With the ratio of developer and tester is 5:1, I’m a bit worried too. Not just because the workload, it’s also about how your team can control and validate the changes developers make. The only strategy I can think of right now is to work closely with your developers, identify changes they make and validate the changes and areas may be affected by those changes too.

    Goodluck, feel free to go back here and share how things are going.

  2. jamesvasquez

    You are going to take role of tester ,right? is there 5 developer ,right?
    Yes you have big workload there.But you should focus all these work with cool mind.Don t tensed.You shoul careful in 5 developer.Focus their work up to date.You need to test each development stage of 5 developer day by day .Without testing a software cannot develop.So you should test software up to date with cool mind from the developing time.

  3. charlene

    Thanks Thanh and jamesvasquez for your answers.

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