What different between tester and hacker?

Hi all,

Is there any different between tester's skill set and hacker's skill set?

Lan Huynh


  1. Tri Nguyen

    I think testing and hacking are the different jobs and there for they are not same purpose ==> different skill set.

    There is a concept “Penetration testing” that tries to find the backdoor or something like that, then access to system and take the control of system.

  2. Thanh Huynh

    Loosely defined:

    *Tester is the person who tests
    *Hacker is the person who hacks

    While they may share same skillsets, their goals are different. Tester is not only break system but also confirms things while the goal of (black-hat) hacker is to break and build the reputation.

    Hacking is not my expertise, it’s just my two cents, so easy on me 😀

  3. Thong Khuat

    Hacker only focus on penetrating skill, and they find the weak points without solution to fix them

    Meanwhile, penetrating skill is just one of many skills required for a tester. Additionally, when they find out a weak point they also provide the solution to solve it.

  4. Thanh Huynh


    I don’t think “providing solutions to the problem” is the difference between Testers and Hackers.

    Of course, testers can provide solution to fix the problem when suggested but I think it would be better to leave that to managers/developers hand. As a tester, I don’t decide what to fix and how to fix the problem, I tell the problem and leave the decision to the one who has more vision than I do.

  5. Sang Bui

    Tester vs Hacker
    – Same: care about the bug, love the bug, looking for bug.
    – Difference: they are totally difference, tester looking for issue/bug as the main task but with the hacker looking for bug just support for other tasks, with tester you will care about how the user see their product but with hacker they will care about how can they do to see your database. Tester often report their bug but hacker will not often do that, they will report for money or keep them for fun 😀

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