What will you do if you raise a bug but the developer does not agree that it is a bug

What will you do if you raise a bug but the developer does not agree that it is a bug?


  1. Thanh Huynh


    Your situation is not uncommon in software testing world :D. There are many reasons and things you can do but the first thing you need to do is to understand why developer does not agree with you.

    1) Understand what’s happening. Sit back and listen to developers explain why they don’t agree with you. What’s the point they are trying to make. Don’t offend so quickly just because “your baby” is rejected. Also, take this chance to tell developer what’s your point too.

    2) If developers do not get your bug report or do not fully understand the severity of the bug you found, review your bug report again. Make sure your bug is reproduciable with your steps, your expected result, your observation.

    3) Make sure you are not reporting an invalid bug. Do you have data or claims to back you up?

    4) If both developer and you have different point of view, you can escalate to upper manager so that your manager can make final decision.

    Sometimes you’re right, sometimes your developer is right. The bottom line is not to win a game over developer. Keep good relationship with developers and this is a win-win.

  2. RichardBruyne

    It’s important to keep a friendly relationship with the develop, otherwise we are the ones going to suffer a lot. You can try as much as possible to convince the developer and even you can seek help of another developer to state it right and in understanding way to your developer. I have had some similar kind of issues with my website (you can see my essay writing website here – http://cheapessaywritingservice.co.uk ) and everything solved with fine deal with my web developer. So I must suggest you to follow a fair and friendly connection between you both to make things work in favor.

  3. SamadAhmed

    You should maintain good relationship with your developer. In case of disagreement from both sides third person should come and look into the matter.  It’s good to have a third thinking in between. Like I found incredibly awesome service between my dissertation and me. They were really helpful.

  4. Judy Zhu

    In my opinion, I will provide the reproduction video to developers. Use the video to convince developers why I think that is a bug.
    When developers put themselves in the tester’s position, they will understand what the tester feels like. Thus, I use screen play-back recorders such as QAReplay to record our test results when I am doing software testing.

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