What would you do as a tester if a bug found in production?

Lets see if this sounds familiar…

1. A new build released to test team
2. Test team start testing
3. Test team finish the testing and report the test result
4. No critical issue founds
5. Go-decision made
6. Product/Website is released and Champagne is opened
…A few days later…
7. A user reports an important bug.

As a tester, what would you or your test team do? what is your next action plan?


  1. Tri Nguyen

    First of all, try to assist to resolve that bug as soon as possible. At this time, do not find the responsibility of each person. Then find the root cause of that bug.
    There will have 2 cases for that:
    1. If bug because of our mistake,like test coverage is not enough, our mistake when we did execution… try to find the screenshot, email, test evidences for it, and explain why the bug escapes to production. Always acquiesce the mistake if that is our mistake.

    2. If that is a new bug, try to assist developer to resolve it immediately. Sometimes bug comes from the different of test env and production env, different between test data and migrate data, try to find the root cause and explain to customer.

  2. Thanh Huynh


    Finding the root cause and learning the lesson are great advices.

    Hope we are not doing the blame game here.

  3. cemueses

    Bugs are found in prod all the time. Especially when time to market becomes a race and the focus of testing lies on the little time given rather than the application. So as testers we need to leave our ego on the door and do our best with the tools and circumstances we’re given.

    First, understand that testers don’t own bugs, so don’t take it personal. Things tend to seem obvious quite often after the fact so don’t make it about you, I can’t stress this enough, control your ego. A lot of people missed the bug and a lot of factors contributed to that. The place to think about that is after everything is stable and you do some sort of lessons learned from the release.

    Second, get information on the bug. How does it happen and get with the developer once a fix has been made so you can understand how the bug happens and what the fix implies so you can design tests around it. Add the tests to the regression suite or if there’s a test that was designed to catch the bug, revisit it and modify accordingly.

    Third, unless is something critical, take some time to test the fix as best you can. Quick fixes and releases are some of the most common ways bugs are introduced to prod. The rush to fix an issue and push it live hinders our thinking at times. Control your emotions and focus on thinking clearly.

    It’s not about blaming people. It’s about working together to create the best software you can. As long as the team understands that, everything will be fine.

  4. U

    I am a tester. manager blames qa team a lot because of this problem

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