Why Agile fails

Agile is great and a rising star.

…but is it true that Agile is a silver bullet? Does following Agile guarantee a success for your project?

I doubt.

I came across a interesting article in which author listed out 8 reasons why Agile fails.

Here is the link to article: http://blogs.versionone.com/agile_management/2015/04/09/8-reasons-why-agile-projects-fail/

My questions are:

1) Which one is the number #1 reason that makes Agile project failed from your experience.

2) If your reason is not in the list above, what other reasons you can add?

What's your thought?


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  1. karlhamilton871

    Agile projects can fail.There are some reasons for why the agile projects fail. Instead, let me say some reasons why agile projects fail.That are Lack of Experience with Agile Methods, Company Philosophy or Culture at Odds with Core Agile Values,Lack of Management Support, External Pressure to Follow Traditional Waterfall Processes.

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